Unhealthy Minds

A Drama of ‘Unhealthy Minds’ in Bhiwandi

A blemishing day for many of those who were concerned to give a finishing touch to Sunday, 15th May 2016. The lanes of Padmanagar in the city of Bhiwandi were dusk and gloomy all of a sudden on Sunday’s twilight due to the conflict between ‘two groups of people’ (groups name unrevealed for ethical purpose). Sporting aura which was supposed to be at its peak during the ongoing ‘Padmashali Samaj Krida Mahotsav 2016’ was filled with awe and disgrace due to a minor violence accompanied in the home lanes of Teluguiates in Padmanagar. The ongoing Brahmotsavam of Lord Venkateshwara in Padmanagar saw a fading spiritual aura especially when the boom-boom discourse of ‘Venkateshwara Upasana’ went bang-bang with none of the devotees in the temple.   

Properties of common people were brutally swash-buckled. Shops were forced to shut-down; roads were empty and silent-shallow at six in evening. The cars in the lanes of Padmanagar became the victims of an unusual fight between two groups, in one case a telugu shopkeeper who kept his shop open near Ganesh Talkies was not spared by these fanatic, unintelligent, stupid, and disgraceful individuals whose hearts were burning who burnt the livelihood of a common man who had nothing to do with subject of conflict. Later, actions were taken against such fanatics though police came to rescue and unfortunately the sickness of our country has gone to such a level that the Peacemakers were the victims of this psychological crippled people.

My heart sank at the bottom of the barrel when I was feeling these negative energies of ‘unhealthy minds’ as so did hearts of many others. A nation where we are taught about loving others has now leaned its petals towards loving ‘I community’, ‘me community’, ‘myself community’. No doubt, people today do not believe in the concept of non-violence, as they now firmly trust in ‘tit for tat’. But then what will be the repercussions of it?  “You Hit – I Hit – You Hit – I Hit – You Hit – I Hit”. The result will be such that the desert with no man existing on land. Surely, we all have to stand together against this injustice, but ‘revolting’ against the revolt will have a temporary result, rather ‘responding’ against the revolt making a good use of law can help us from a long term perspective though this could be slow.

These War-Mongerers have no rights to snatch the happiness and peaceful life of others. Unhealthy Individuals are not those who have physical problems like Kidney Failure, Liver Failure, Heart Failure, etc. Unhealthy Individuals are those who are mentally crippled, unwise to face their problems in life with courtesy and instead harass others for their emotional relief as what this group of community did on Sunday’s twilight in the lanes of Padmanagar in Bhiwandi targeting common man which is quite pathetic and a shameful act.



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