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People & Relationships | May 16, 2017   4:05 pm  

   Women from Venus


Since childhood everybody of us must have read or heard this line – ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman’. In a recent interview of mine by a group of college students in Pune, they asked me, ‘if behind every successful man there is a woman then who is behind every successful woman?’ To which I answered without giving a second thought to it that, ‘The very fact to be born as a ‘girl’ itself is a success story, so being woman itself is successful’. With this statement of mine – The entire auditorium went in an uproar with claps and whistles.

I remember my grandmother who now is in her 80’s telling me the stories of her teens when she was enforced to marry at the age of 11 with my grandpa whose age was 16. The entire facet of being a wife was all about being dominated by husband. Women in those days were looked upon as machines of washing, cleaning, sweeping, reproducing, baby-care-taking, and nothing more. Slowly and steadily, generations and decades later the trends kept on changing, women in India now transformed their lives from kitchen to kung-fu classes, from cleaning utensils to bollywood mashes, from house-sweeping to ball-sweeping in women world cup cricket matches, from washing to tailoring the computers in I.T industries, everything has changed in a woman’s life, but still a question arises what has changed in a woman’s life when she walks alone on the busiest streets of Mumbai, Bengaluru, or Delhi in the midnight hours? The answer is ‘Most of the men in India even today feel women are just the instruments of their pleasures’.  Well! Whatever the reason of men dominancy in our country since ages, the problem has to be either affixed as per ‘Chanakya Nithi – Remove the evil from grass-root’ or ‘Buddha’sMadhya-Margam i.e. The Middle-Path.

I personally believe that, “The Ice-cream scoop of gender equality shifted in favour of women after a charming lady – Indira Gandhi became the first woman Prime Minister (I’d rather love to address as ‘Prime Ministress’) of India”.  

Women today are individualistic, career-driven and determined to earn accolades of galore and at the same time they are traditional, family oriented and committed. Majority of the women today are playing their roles quite sensibly with a tremendous amount of sensitivity. If they consistently do this, then definitely they can enrich the family and nation as a whole.   

I do not validate if Men are from Mars or Women from Venus, but I strongly believe that Man is an ‘Achieving Nature’ and Woman is an ‘Accepting Nature’. India will flow and glow with beauty and ecstasy if an achiever accepts the acceptor’s achievement as is as what she is then the acceptor will always achieve the achiever’s acceptance as is as what he is.  So let us go miles ahead with hand in hand and make this world and our country a beautiful place to live on and love on.

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