What is Beauty ?

Health & Wellness | May 24, 2017   6:59 am  


Well! Before beautifying on with the story, let me first of all introduce you to beauty on scientific basis as per as morphological features –

  1. Pattern (An unique pattern intensifies the beauty of an object)
  2. Measurement (Beauty includes maintenance and construction according to proper dimensions)
  3. Mathematics of Genes (Nature of beauty can be compared with genes & arrangement of genes is the game of numbers)
  4. Symmetry (Symmetry of an object enhances its beauty)

The Oriflames, The Amways, The Ponds, The Johnson & Johnsons, The fair & lovelies since birth have mesmerised us about many products empowering us towards ‘external beauty’. Huge thanks to them. But hang on! Have we ever wondered and asked a question – kab tak yeh hume koobsurat rakenge ? (Until when are they going to keep us beautiful?).

Huge thanks to nature for sending the beautiful divas on this planet earth – My gorgeous Madhuris, The Aishwaryas, The Deepikas and The Priyankas, I can go on and on with these names but then I remember my grandmother who is now in her 80s’ with saggy cheeks, grey hairs, blunted eyes, broken energy, mosaic skin, crooked back, swoopy walk. The same grandmother of mine was an angel in her teens and youth, so isn’t this sure that my gorgeous Madhuris, the Aishwaryas, the Deepikas and the Priyankas will join my grandmother’s legacy in their old age?

Beauty is an eternity and gazing at itself is a mirror. For me, there is beauty in a green leaf and there is beauty in a dead leaf. To be stuck so as to see beauty only in a green leaf is not wise. When a child is obedient there is beauty, when a child is mischievous there is beauty. There is beauty in winter, there is beauty in monsoon, there is beauty in summer, and also there is beauty in spring and autumn.

To see beauty in what is itself is an art. In martial art one is made to see beauty in a fall if one knows to fall properly. In fact, there is joy in a fall, such an art is one should develop.

Beauty is a combination of qualities which gives pleasure to our mind at its sight. When a girl accepts a boy’s proposal there is beauty and when a girl rejects the boy’s proposal there is a beauty. And the beauty gets double beautified when the boy accepts the girl’s rejection by understanding her feelings, Wow! What a beautiful love story, isn’t it? Beauty, it is an approach towards life.   

Beauty had been like an old wives’ tale through-out the journey of life for a youngster like me. All I can say is –

 ‘A Beautiful Body may or may not have a Beautiful Heart but a Beautiful Heart surely has a Beautiful Soul’  

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