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Effective Communication Skills


Being able to communicate with others with ease is one of the best life skills one can possess. For me, communication is a communion between the speaker and the listener, the writer and the reader. If this word ‘communion’ is perfectly held in string of beads only then the word ‘communication’ can be garlanded. Lack of communion leads the gap in communication.

Acquiring good speaking and writing skills involves years of dedicated efforts. But most often we forget the skills of listening and seeing, which are two minute parameters to acquire excellence. The Veda says – Aatmavaare Shrothavyam  (learn the art of listening) & Aaatmavaare Drastavyam (learn the art of seeing).

I vividly remember during my HSC vacation when I began the journey of learning Carnatic music, I was told by the music teacher Subbarao Shastry that, ‘for being a good singer you first need to be a good listener’. Years later when I went for Dream Job Cricket Commentary audition for ESPN Star Sports – there again I was told by the renowned sports commentator Harsha Bhogle that, ‘Speak Less & Listen More’. Perhaps, this is the only reason for which I do not talk much with people; rather I just love to listen them. For me, the grammar rules of English, the pace, the pitch and the pause, the open statement and the close statement, the pre-emptive strikes & the funnel strikes, the ear-shooting techniques and the sandwich techniques are more like Raaga Taala and Aalaapa of a Carnatic Musician which sing in my memories like the music of a traditional Romeo in search of his Juliet.

To be frank, an effective communicator who can pass on his thoughts, ideas and feelings is better positioned for success not only in his professional life but also in his personal relationships. There are certain points to remember when wanting to be an effective communicator: Be clear, be concise, be concrete, be correct, be coherent, be complete, be courteous, and more than anything else – be cheerful.

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