Digital E-Learning DEL

Introduction to Digital E-Learning DEL

The world has steeped down the curve few miles due to advent of COVID-19. Well! To upgrade the features of electronic learning of variety of skills related to Information Technology, Yashaswiniam brings ‘Digital E-Learning’ model to all scholastic people who aspire to try their luck on digital platform.

As a professional blogger since 2013 at Yashaswiniam, I shall be sharing the technical imprints in this practical category of our site.

To begin with, I shall introduce you to term ‘website’. Its very important to know ‘what is a website’. When we search for certain information, we log into google. Which then takes us to our deliberation. However, google takes us to respective websites list which has that particular information.

For example, if I wish to get the information about ‘Ten great world cup cricket matches, then I shall type the same on Google Search which ends up with such data:

The web results are as follow:


Thus, the above are called as websites. WordPress is the best platform for websites.

In my next blog we shall discuss on the following aspects of Digital E-Learning

Selection of the website category, domain name registration, web hosting, wordpress installation, content posting, digital marketing, google adsense, affiliate marketing, google analytics, webmaster tools, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), On page & Off page Optimization, Social Media Optimization (SMO),  etc.

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