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What inspired me to create a special edition of blog on ‘Delicious Diet’ are the constant talks with my friends – Abhinav Uppala, Vinay Mittapelli, Pawan Yemjal & Anil Panthagani who are the students of Hotel Management who made me realize that even ‘Diet’ is a part of ‘Life Management’. In addition to that, I love sparing time in kitchen during my free time & experiment with different cuisines considering kitchen as a laboratory & also wrote book – ‘Mr. Bhairi’s Kitchen Cutlery’ which perhaps is in reservation for Mrs. Bhairi.
Food, for me is, ‘we are, what we eat’. In India, food is not a simple subject. To properly understand one must dabble in history, geography, religion, anthropology and – above all – in real life research. Food & People have always fascinated me. I am rather fond of eating in pinches of varied tastes. So, in pursuit of my passion for research in anthropology and life management during my fieldwork trips in India, I have always spoken to people about the food they eat, why they eat it, how they make it and how it fits into their lives. Some snippets I shall share with you in the hopes, perhaps, of whetting your appetite for a delicious and varied cuisine; but more with a view to making you aware of how much Indians care about food, how personal a thing it is still, how traditional, how crucial to the social system and how important in ways far beyond the simple acts of cooking and eating, and more than anything else to understand – how it can help us in ‘Life Management’.
To begin with this edition of ‘Delicious Diet’ of Indian Cuisine, culturally it is classified into three major categories i.e. Sattva, Rajas & Tamas which we will explore one by one in our next blogs, as far this blog is an introduction to Food & Culture of Indian Cuisine in this special edition of Delicious Diet.

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