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Technology is changing but who is the beneficiary?

The controversies in the game of cricket had always been a neglected virtue. During the last few months this game has witnessed few controversial incidents but it ends with a bit of discussion and then a full stop.

In the month of February after a group match in Asia Cup against Pakistan, Mahendra Singh Dhoni stated that, ‘Umpires who are giving duty on ground have walkie-talkie and ear-piece in one of the ear by which their listening capabilities of the minor happenings near the crease is dismantled and limited with just one ear left for hearing. Under circumstances, to expect a right decision is hopeless due to the noise of the crowd, something should be done such that even a slightest of sound made near the crease could be heard by the umpire’.

This is a huge topic caressed by Dhoni after a match where he took a catch of a thin edge by Kurram Manzur on Ashish Nehra’s bowling to which the umpire Sharfudadaula turned the appeal down. The stadium was so much in an uproar it was thus sure that umpire must not have heard any nick. In the same match Virat Kohli was given out LBW of an in-swinger from Mohamamd Shami, the ball which had a faint inside edge and then bruised on to the pads. The decision from umpire left Kohli baffled for few seconds. This surprising reactive face of Kohli had cost him a penalty of 30% of his match fees.

In a T20 match between India and Australia at Adelaide, Australians were chasing a total of 188 and meanwhile the broadcast commentators of Channel 9 were interviewing Steven Smith and while he was speaking he was batting, then suddenly he gave a lolly-pop catch to a fieldsman who was fielding at the covers. Australia lost this match, and the later morning the entire Australian media and newspapers went in an uproar about Steven Smith’s careless dismissal. Some of the newspapers wrote to such an extent that, ’Steven Smith: Catch Microphone Bowled Channel 9’.

Another such problem is of spider camera which has periodically hindered the batsman from scoring boundaries and sixes due to its obstruction in middle of the ball’s way. The DRS review system was in an in-depth post-mortem as its faults got exposed during Australia and New Zealand test series down under.

Well! Mistakes are a part of human existence and glitteringly even in cricket. But it is very important to see that cricket itself doesn’t become a mistake since lots of emotions and patriotism is associated with this game all over the world.



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