COVID-19 Anthropological Approach

The streets, the playgrounds, the libraries, the schools, the colleges, the institutions, the malls, the offices, the boutiques, the movie theaters, the restaurants, etc. they all have gone for a toss. A bizarre calamity strikes the world as crores of cries over corona virus are begging as like, ‘Mr. Corona – kuch mat karo na’. What an absolute agony of nature! We may blame it as to be the Chinese disaster, but this brought everybody of us on our toes. It made us to look into our dusted mirrors and question our approach towards ‘life and living’. Undoubtedly, nature has given everybody of us a conscious as well as a sub-conscious shock, hasn’t it?

I wish to bring this observation from an anthropological point of view. Anthropology, it is an astonishing, diverse and engaged subject that seeks to understand human social behavior. Corona-virus isn’t a wild animal like Dinosaur. The diameter of a corona-virus particle  is 120 nm. Under the microscope corona-virus looks like ‘crowns arranged with viral spikes peplomers’ as thus, the name ‘Corona’. Monica Schoh-Spana, a medical anthropologist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Healthy Security, says “all the countries have faced scrutiny and discrimination during public health crises”. She further adds, “What you have over history and throughout modern-day outbreaks is people fixing blame on a contagious disease on outsiders,” citing past instances. According to anthropological investigation, this pattern of association goes back centuries.

It justifies our ancient saying, “Nikrishta Vastu – Uthkrishta Drishti” the power of a Nikrishta Vastu (useless thing) should not be underestimated, but if we can observe with Utkrishta Drishti (careful observance) we must all follow Janta Curfew which is dated on Sunday, the 22nd of March, 2020 from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm by the Indian Government. Sometimes ‘bad is good’. Bad teaches us what is ‘Good’. To understand light we must know what is ‘darkness’. The fear and threat of darkness keeps our struggle alive for lightness. The precautions should be brought in our daily life. The basic action of Sanitizing our limbs is now practised to keep away from the virus. Thanks corona-virus, you made us realize the worth of Sanitization.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, the paradoxical state of war against corona-virus begins with ‘isolation’, rather than being united in colonies. Lets do it & all the best . . .

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  1. Yeah! It’s a nice decision 😊 Narendra Modi sir.. Never and ever happened like this Restaurants,Malls theatres and etc are closed.

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