Importance of Akshaya Tritiya

Importance of ‘Akshaya Shukla Paksha Tritiya’

The Dharma-Shastra says: “Vaishaka Shukla Pakshetu Tritiya Rohini Yatha, Dhurlaba Budhha Charena, Somanaapi Yudha Tadha”. In the month of Vaishaka (April-May), during Shukla Pakshetu Tritiya (3rd Day after New Moon) at the phase of Rohini Nakshatra, ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ is celebrated. ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ is a festival celebrated from times immemorial. Moon is always associated with certain energy. All the festivals correspond to the positioning of the moon in the Indian tradition, it influences the mind and that is why we have change in moods based on our higher and lower energies infused by moon. The third moon after the amavasya i.e. New Moon in the month of Vaishaka; we have a special energy from the moon.

We have historical and mythological documentaries revered with many anecdotes associated with Akshaya Tritya, which comprises of:

This is the day when Vyasa along with Ganesha started writing Mahabharata, this is the day when Parshurama (sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu) was born & Parvathi in the form of Annapurna came to feed the entire world. It is also the day when Ganga came into existence on the Indian plain. It is also a day when Akshaya (non-depleting) bowl was given to the five Pandava brothers, this bowl kept giving them rice and whatever they wanted. It is also a day when Kubera (Banker of Heaven) and Goddess Lakshmi (Mother of Wealth) were given special powers by Lord Shiva. Finally, this is a day when Sudhama (friend of Lord Krishna) visited Krishna and in return Krishna gave a boon of wealth. There are many other significant events associated with Akshaya Tritiya.

Today, as I am writing , with lots of grace after reading the mythological scriptures, I make my heart a little braver to say something against the false tradition we are following on the day of Akshaya Tritiya is ‘buying of Gold’ which is surprisingly found as a compulsory activity. This concept which is brooding over the years of buying Gold on the day of Akshaya Tritya is all irrelevant, unethical, immoral, and irreligious and has no significant proof in the Hindu traditional scripts. Thus, the scriptures are saying something else and we are doing something else.

Bhavishya Purana says even a minor donation on Akshaya Tritiya gets manifold and benefits us for ages in the form of a boon. The scriptures persuade us to donate whatever we can to the needy and poor. Whatever we donate on this day never gets diminished or depleted and hence the word ’Akshaya’. The donor on the day of Akshaya Tritiya becomes more humble, contented in his or her life and a liberated soul. According to the Puranas, on this day by donation of Wheat-Flour, Gram-Flour, Curd Rice helps in reducing the impact of sins performed by an individual in the past. Also as this festival occurs during Vaishaka i.e. in the summer of the Bhartiya Upmahadweep (Indian sub-continent) it is said to donate an earthen pot with water to the others. To the best what can be still done is openly provide water by arranging a water vessel to the passerby & pedestrians on the roads.

Well! To say the least to avoid confusion and to execute the most to attain salvation, on this auspicious festival of Akshaya Tritiya – Just Donate! Donate!! Donate!!!

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