10 Minutes to Better Health

Work, eat, sleep, ferry children, take dog for a niggle walk, gym, work, eat, sleep. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well! who has time to spend hours on a healthy lifestyle? Fortunately, there is much you can do that doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Some of the them are as under-

  • Water: Drink at least 12 glasses of water in 24 hours, which means on an average 1 glass in every 2 hours. Remember tea and coffee actually dehydrate the body. That puffy look in the morning is a signal of dehydration.


  • Tummy with Tomatoes: Tomato in all its formed is a powerful antioxidant that helps your body fight cancer. If you don’t like raw tomato go for tomato sauce or tomato paste they would also have the same effect.


  • Morning Munchies:  Don’t skip breakfast. Doing this starts of the day on the wrong foot for your body. Have something quick and healthy which takes no time to prepare like yoghurt and muesli and fresh fruit juice.


  • Wash those Hands: Most of the viruses doing the rounds get into our system via our hands. Lift button, taps, telephone and shared office stationery are all culprits. So wash your hands even after going to the washroom.


  • Brush your Teeth: Proper brushing twice a day significantly decreases chances of tooth decay.


  • Pop a Multivitamin: This is not as good as getting it all from fresh fruit and vegetables, but it’s better than not getting any vitamin at all. If you smoke or drink regularly your body needs Vitamin C regularly.


  • Lose the Cigarettes: Whether it requires joining a club, being hypnotized, or tying yourself to the garden bench, go for it. The health benefits of giving it up are enormous.


  • Drop the Doughnuts: The pies and the chips and the sausage rolls must be a diet of bygones. Yes, they are fast and they fill a gap when you are on the run, but they all contain enormous amount of fat, very little fibre, and they lock up your digestive system and your arteries. If you are hungry and on the run, opt for freshly made untoasted sandwiches, yoghurt and fresh fruit juices.


  • Drive Safely:  The single most dangerous thing you can do to your health is to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Head and neck injuries can be sustained in even minor collisions, causing you much pain and time off from work.


  • Take the Stairs: The bits and pieces of exercise you get during the day make a big difference. If you work on the 22nd floor, climb to floor three or four before taking the lift.


  • Breathe Deeply: Do this regularly and you will decrease your stress level. It provides your body with much needed oxygen.
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